Pop Up Tents are a great way to enjoy outdoor activities alone or with your family and enjoying the authentic campsite experience as well as having some modern amenities at your disposal.

So if you are looking to buy a pop up tent for your next adventure- the next step is to find out how much does a pop up tents cost?

A new model pop up tents will cost around $22 on the low end and can cost upwards of $3000 for a higher model with amenities like waterproofing and automatic unfolding. A cheaper model is also available for as low as $9.96 on Amazon but lacks the waterproofing as well as suitable for only one person for shorter outdoor time.

Of course, you can buy some of the accessories for pop up tents which can give you additional features but that will increase the cost too.

The above-mentioned price is just the approximation of the best selling pop up tents. Some stores may have a cheaper model as well as more expensive models.

The price of pop up tents depends on various factors like brand name, model, accessibility or carry abilities, and what the pop up tents has to offer you.

Apart from brands, a pop up tent price is also based on the type of pop up tent and what it offers the user. So in this post, I will explain each and everything you need to know how much does a pop up tents cost and which is the best choice for you.

What do Pop Up Tents Even Offer for the Price ?

I know that most of the people wants to know what they are getting into and why the pop up tents costs what it does.

So here’s what you can expect from a pop up tents and that will help you to understand the broad price range.

1. Space

A pop up tent can hold one to six-person which makes it perfect for all kind of family outing as well as for solo travellers. You can even accommodate more people if you arrange the interior properly and still left with so much space.

2. Easy Setup and Removal

The main reason to buy a pop up tent is that when you reach your camping site, a pop up tent takes as less as 10 seconds to set up. As the name indicates pop up, all you have to do is just open it up on your desired spot and VOILA it’s done.

There is no unbuckling or untying because when you just open it the pop up tent will continuously try to unfold itself.

Some one person pop up tents takes almost 2 seconds to setup whereas some luxurious big pop up tents takes up to 1 minutes to set up.

The same goes for folding and packing. Though it is little tricky, still when you master the technique of folding it only takes 1 minute to fold and pack.

3. A Pop Up Tent is Beginner Friendly

A entry level pop up tents costs between $10 to $100. You can begin you camping experience on a budget and when you feel you can go for a higher variant.

There is no rocket science involved in setup and packing. You can setup within 1 minutes and doesn’t requires any heavy tools.

4. Pop Up Tents Uses Less Tools

Normal tents uses poles to support the canvas so you have to bring tools to fix its poles on the ground but in case of pop up tents you can set it up anywhere anytime. You don’t need to carry additional tools to set it up.

Though some pop up tents have additional accessories such as tent stakes and rainfly, but those are included in the bag. Apart from that they are easy to use.

How Many Types of Pop Up Tents are there and their Costs?

There are many different types and categories of a pop up tent available in the market. But in this post I have listed the popular pop up tents based on their durability and users rating.

1. One Person Pop Up Tents

As the name indicates this type of pop up tents has the maximum occupancy of one person.

The tent has an average height of 36 inches and an average length and width of 86*39.

This is enough for one person to unpack and fold.

The price of 1 person pop up tents ranges between $25 on the low end and upto $640 on the higher model. The best recommendation is to go for SANSBUG 1 which costs $49.95. This is the best suited for solo traveller.

Some of the famous 1 person pop up tents are:

2. 2 Person Pop Up Tents

On average a 2 person pop up tents costs $27 on the lower end and $791 on the higher end.

As the name indicates it has a maximum occopuncy of 2 people. But this is also recommend for solo travelllers as there will be enough space inside for keeping your laguage as well as some other necessary amenities.

The best 2 person pop up tent under this category is Coleman Pop Up Tent. The price of Coleman pop up tent is $52.16 on Amazon. This tent is having both fire and water resistant material which makes it best pop up tent under this category.

Some other famous 2 person pop up tents are:

3. 3-4 person pop up tents

A 3/4 person pop up tents are best suited for outdoor activities with friends or family and the price ranges from $24 in the low end to $1902 in the luxurious range. The best one under this category cost $169.

Some of the best 3/4 person pop up tents are:

4. Pop Up Tents for Family

A pop up family tents has the maximum occupancy of 6-8 people and its price ranges from $80-$2700.

This type of tents are suitable for family outing, accommodates a large space, and still easy to set up.

A family pop up tents are usually equipped with every essentials like waterproofing, rainproof, windproof, and UV protection.

Since it has a large carpet area, the setup is little hard compared to all other types of pop up tents mentioned above, but it is still easier to setup.

Some of the best family pop up tents and their prices:

5. Trailer Pop Up Tents

If you have a camper trailer then getting one pop up tents just for your trailer should be on your list.

Now you can enjoy the outdoor trips as well as you can carry it anywhere you want.

The best Trailer Pop Up Tents and their prices are:

What Should You Do?

So this post almost gave you an idea that how much does pop up tents costs and which are the most popular models under the mentioned categories.

Now the decision is solely based on your choice and requirements.

What I suggest that You should buy a pop up tent based on your requirement. Like,

If you travel alone and need a pop up tent then go for 1 or 2 person pop up tents. You can get a good 1 or 2 person pop up tent under $100.

The best choice for will be Coleman Pop Up tent.

Now if you travel with family or friends buy the mentioned family pop up tent.

And for couples I would recommend you to go for RJUN Transparent Viewing Inflatable Outdoor Camping Bubble Tent. This tent is mostly preferred by couples for their honeymoon.

So now you have to make your decision. And if you still have any suggestions or recommendations about how much does pop up tents costs do let me know in the comment section.