Tent trailers are a great way to camp on the go! They do have some limitations, like not having bathrooms and showers. However, they do make up for this by being one of the easiest ways to set up and takedown. If you’re looking for more information about pop-up tent trailers with bathrooms, read our blog post!

Do pop-up tent trailers have bathrooms?

The short answer is yes. However, do not expect to find a luxurious bathroom with a hot bath or shower. Pop-Up Tent Trailers do not provide the same facilities that you would find at home. Instead, they offer basic amenities such as but not limited to: a toilet, a sink, running water for washing hands, and brushing teeth.

Advantages of having a bathroom in a pop up tent trailer

  • The convenience factor: do not underestimate the need to have your own private toilet and shower at times when you’re camping! This is especially true if there are more than two people in the group or it’s been raining for days on end. It can be difficult to find a place that has clean bathrooms, even during peak season.
  • Privacy: do pop-up tents with bathrooms provide privacy? Yes – while they may seem tiny from outside (or inside!) these small spaces offer much-needed privacy because only one person is able to enter at once. You also do not want to use an outdoor potty after dark, so being indoors helps protect against this.
  • Add another level of comfort to your camping experience: do pop-up tent trailers with bathrooms have running water? Yes! This can make a huge difference when you’re living in the outdoors. You won’t need to do without any luxuries and be more than satisfied with an old-fashioned washcloth, soapsuds, and cold water.
  • The option for hot showers or baths: do pop up tents have electricity or solar power? No – but because they are small spaces it’s easy enough to bring along a battery powered camp shower that has both options on offer. A few minutes in the morning will help set you right again before heading out into the day ahead.”

Types of bathroom in a pop up tent trailer

Popup tent trailers come with different types of bathrooms, each with their corresponding benefits and drawbacks.

Here are the 4 types of bathrooms:

1. Dry Bathroom

Dry bathrooms are like your typical bathrooms at home . They do not have running water, but it is very easy to hook up a shower head and use the sink for washing.

Some dry bathrooms do come with an air vent that provides ventilation. However, this is only helpful if you are camping in cold weather or do not mind opening windows while sleeping at night.

2. Curtained Bathroom

Curtained bathrooms do not have a compost toilet. Instead, they are like an outhouse with curtains that move in front of the bathroom area to provide privacy. Curtains can be made from any fabric so do pop up tents come with curtains? Yes! They do make it easier for you to find what works best for your needs and preferences.

The biggest benefit of this type is that there’s no chance of accidentally stepping into something unpleasant as long as you stand on either side of the curtain . The downside? There isn’t a sink or running water inside which means washing hands will involve finding somewhere else outside (or dragging all your stuff back home).

Though you can attach the sink and running water if your pop up tent trailer has enough space.

3. Enclosed Bathroom

Enclosed bathrooms do come with a compost toilet, but do not have running water or electricity.

The Enclosed bathroom is the best option if you are looking for privacy and comfort in your pop-up tent trailer. There’s no need to worry about something unpleasant as long as you keep the doors closed!

However, it does cost more than other types of bathrooms which might make it unappealing if on a budget.

4. Wet Bathrooms

Wet bathrooms do come with running water, a sink, and compost toilet. This are the most comfortable kind of bathroom every person usually demands.

For the majority of pop up tent trailers, the bathroom consists of a toilet and shower combination. The water will be provided by a hose connected to the shower and you’ll need to do your own hand washing.

Wet bathrooms that come with sinks are generally larger, encompassing a sink and toilet. These wet bathrooms will get wet due to the proximity of these two items; they will also get wet while the shower is in use.

The best thing about wet bathrooms is that they come with running water which means an unlimited supply of hot or cold water for as long as it lasts. The downside? They are usually expensive, especially if camping during peak season.”

Cons of a Bathroom in a Popup Tent Trailer

  • If you step into the bathroom, you may notice a sewage-like smell. This is because the toilet is located directly over the holding tank and doesn’t automatically drain unless it’s hooked up to some form of sewage disposal system (such as a sewer line or dump station).
  • Another con to a bathroom in a pop-up tent trailer is that there’s no sink. This means you’ll need to do your own handwashing and will have to find somewhere else outside (or drag all of your stuff back home) if you want hot or cold water for washing hands.

Best Pop Up Tent Trailers with Bathrooms

Here’s the list of some of the best pop up tent trailers with bathrooms in-built are:

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

This pop up tent trailer has a bathroom area that includes the toilet and shower. The biggest downside to this pop up tent is its height, which stands at just under six feet tall in some areas (so do not expect it to comfortably fit anyone taller than average).

2. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Popup Camping Trailer

The best thing about this type of pop-up camping kitchen is how well everything fits together – meaning there’s minimal drag when you fold it back down for storage or transport. It also comes with an enclosed bathroom and refrigerator!

3. Coleman Pop Up Tent with Screen Porch

This pop up tent trailer has a bathroom area that includes the toilet. The shower is located in an external, doored room which sits at one end of this type of pop up camping kitchen. This design also means there are two entrances into the room, so do not worry about being trapped inside!

The downside to Coleman’s model? It can’t be easily transported or stored when not in use as it takes up lots of space and weighs around seventy pounds.”

My Personal Opinion

The best pop-up tent trailers with bathrooms will have a dry bathroom as that is the most popular option. The benefits of it are ease and convenience when trying to do your business while on a camping trip or during an emergency evacuation.