Pop-Up tents are meant to be used outdoor and they will go through a lot of wear and tear from frequent use. You have to maintain it in order to increase its usability for a longer time.

Painting the pop-up tent is one of the methods of keeping the pop-up tent in a usable condition for a long time. It increases life by a certain time period.

Another reason to get the pop-up tent painted is to cover the effects of wear and tear.

Some people paint the pop-up tent because they want a more sparky colour theme for their tent.

They want to change the colour, pattern and design or the colour scheme.

Yes, it is possible to paint the pop-up tent for whatever the reason be. Even some experts recommend painting it once in a while to increase the life of the pop-up tent. It provides added strength to the material of the pop-up tent and makes it more durable.

Many people are confused about whether they can paint their pop-up tent or not, and which paint should be used, which equipment to be used, or the procedure for painting. These all confusions will be sorted out by the end of this article.

Let’s get right to it.

First thing first. Before you start painting your pop-up tent you should wash the tent with soap water and a sponge to wash off the dirt and dust on the canvass. This will make the painting process more effective.

Here’s How You Can Paint a Pop Up Tent

1. Choose the RIGHT Paint!

Acrylic Paint

The right kind of paint should be used to paint the pop-up tent. Wrong choice
and you will see cracks being developed on the paint. All the efforts went in vain.

To paint the Pop Up tent, you must use acrylic paint as it has medium viscosity and thus will hold onto the tent material for a long. Any other paint might not stay long.

This is known to hold in the event of the harsh weather and is mostly preferred for areas having sudden rainfall.

Thus, go for acrylic paint.

Always remember to let it dry for at least 8 hours so that the consistency remains equal to all the spots. Remember patience is a virtue.

Latex Paint

latex is a water thinned paint and hence it is also one of the suitable options to
paint your pop-up tent.

It can be easily applied as well as can be washed easily with soap and water.

The advantage of using this paint is that it gets dried off very quickly.

So, if your camping trip has been scheduled in a rush, and you had to paint your pop-up tent before moving out, then latex is fairly a good option for you.

Don’t get confused with the latex that means rubber.

It’s a different thing altogether. This paint requires a thinning agent for easy application.

It has very good opaqueness and thus it can cover the entire tent in one coat.

2. Choose the RIGHT Equipment!

Spray Paint

If you intent to use spray paint to get the pop-up tent painted without much effort than we will recommend using acrylic spray paint.

It has medium viscosity and will bind to the material of the Pop Up tent. Thus, will last longer.

Spray paint is convenient as it can be sprayed over the canvass with ease using the standard can.

If you have an airbrush connected to an air compressor than this will make your job a lot easier.

It can reach even to the places brush or rollers cannot reach. Detailed professional painting at home.

Roller and Brush

These two tools are available in almost every household in our country.

The most common way of painting anything and everything in this world, right. It gives complete control over the painting process.

The downside is that the brush stroke marks can be visible once the paint dries.

The use of brush and rollers requires professional hands.

To get the job done make sure that you go in one direction that is top to bottom so that lesser strokes marks are visible. Use rollers to cover the larger areas of the canvass.


If you have stencils and a permanent marker, you can make some good designs and symbols on your pop-up tent. This will make your tent stand out in your crowd.

Once you have prepared your paint and painting equipment then you are good to go.

3. Initial SET-UP For Painting Your Pop Up Tent

Before starting the painting session, you should be prepared to start the painting.

Organize your equipment and prepare the paint by adding thinner if needed.

Start by practicing your strokes if you intend to use a paint brush.

Even if you have the spray then practice on a rough canvass to check the consistency of the paint on the canvass.

Another reason for this is to check how the paint will look on the canvass.

Suitability will also be tested by this. Mistakes can happen but this will decrease the chance of you making a mistake.

You can get used to the consistency of the paint and you will get familiar with the paint.

If additional thinner has to be used or the consistency has to be increased by adding more paint, these decisions can be taken beforehand.

Another major pre-requisite for painting the pop-up tent is to wash it thoroughly with soap and water to remove the dirt and dust from it. Use a sponge to wash it as it is soft and will not damage the fabric of the pop-up tent.

Let the tent dry before starting the painting session.

Find a suitable place to start the painting process. By suitable place, we mean to say that the place should not have high winds or the very intense heat of sunlight.

Get yourself a seam sealer and painter’s tape. Both of these can be purchased from any departmental store.

4. Begin Painting Your Pop Up Tent

The equipment and the paint are ready. You are ready to start painting the pop-up tent.

The first step is to spread the pop-up tent or the canvass so that every corner is approachable to you. It has been thoroughly washed and dried.

Now its time to seal off the seams of the pop-up tent.

You don’t want the paint to go to the places you don’t wish to.

Seal each and every seam of the tent using a good quality seam sealer available in any departmental store.

After applying the seam sealer, let it dry for a few minutes.

Once the seam sealer is dried, it’s time to apply the painter’s tape.

The painter’s tape will protect the places from being painted. So, apply it to the places where you don’t want the paint to reach.

We will recommend you apply the tape over the seams, lining, windows, mesh, and any other place where the paint can damage the tent.

Now comes the real deal.

Use brush, rollers or sprays to start painting the pop-up tent. Try to maintain a rhythm and consistency.

Do not go random in motion.

It is best advised to start from the top and comes to the bottom. You can go either left to right or right to left. But make sure that the same pattern is followed till the end. This will make the finishing of the paint look good.

If you are using acrylic paint you might have to double coat the canvass, considering the consistency is less.

Do not redo the same place. This will smudge the paint. So, make sure you are being thorough in the first attempt.

Once the painting is done, let the paint dry.

You can use floor fans to let it dry or leave it in the natural air.

Leave the canvass for at least 8 hours to dry so that the paint does not get smudged.
If you want to add some graphics or details it’s time to add it using stencils and a permanent marker.

Some people like to spray waterproofing material over the pop-up tent to make it more durable during rains. But that’s completely up to you. It’s not required and is not necessary.

Well, your pop-up tent is painted and ready to be used for the next camping adventure.

It’s Your Pop-Up Tent, Keep it Safe

The pop-up tent is painted but you have to take care of your tent so that it stays with you over a longer period of time.

It’s meant to be used outdoors but with proper precautions, you can keep it safe from damage.

Precautions You Can Take:

  • Never use the pressure washer to wash your tent. It will damage the fabric of the pop-up tent.
  • Always wash your pop-up tent to remove debris that can tear the fabric of the canvass.
  • Keep the pop-up tent inside the carry bag as it is supposed to be.
  • Do not use paints with high viscosity. Or keep the consistency too thick.
  • re-apply the seam sealer whenever needed.

Final Words on Can You Paint a Pop Up Tent

I will conclude this by telling you that it is definitely possible to paint your pop-up tent with the right material and equipment.

Follow the steps and take all the precautions and you’ll have a pop-up tent that stands out in the crowd as well as it will increase the life of a Pop Up Tent.