Cooking and camping often go side by side. There are very few instances when one doesn’t cook while camping. And it has become a popular pass time for very American Citizens to have grilling session while being on a camping site.

People like to grill to make their camping experience better. People tend to
enjoy that.

I have come across various people asking that can they grill under a tent. It might be because of various reasons like change in the weather; rain or intense heat.

But whatever the reason maybe it’s really dangerous to grill or cook anything inside the Pop-Up tent. It might have a chance at your life.

We highly recommend you not to cook anything or use a grill inside the tent. It can cost you or the people near you their life.

Let us discuss this very important topic in detail.

Your life is at RISK!

First of all, cooking or grilling inside a tent will cause the generation of Carbon Monoxide. This gas combines with the haemoglobin and blocks the supply of oxygen to the brain and the other vital organs.

This could be fatal if emergency medical treatments are not given on time. There have been various instances when people have actually died because of carbon monoxide gas.

Whenever any carbon-based fuel burns it produces carbon Monoxide which when comes into contact with air becomes carbon dioxide which is not harmful. But inside a pop-up tent, there is very little air and ventilation might not be very effective.

This will increase the presence of carbon monoxide inside the tent. The people inside the tent might die because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

We recommend not to cook or grill inside the tent or to even keep burning the grill inside the pop up tent.

There have been reports that even half burnt or completely burnt grills do give out carbon monoxide.

So, it’s better to keep the grill out of the tent. If you want to protect the grill or the cookware then keep it on the porch in the open. It will protect the equipment from rain and keep the poisonous gases away from you.

Your Equipment

Another point to be kept in mind while taking the grill inside the tent is the damage it will do to your tent and the other equipment inside the tent.

The smoke and grease from the grill will stain the tent and make it greasy. Besides intense heat from the grill can melt the material of the tent.

If the heat is sustained for a long time then the tent can catch fire. This could cause serious burns to the people inside and can lead to a disaster. Another aspect is that when the material of the tent is heated it will melt.

This melted tent material can fall on anyone causing injury to them.

The tenting equipment will be full of grease. Thus, giving you extra work to clean it off.

It’s almost impossible to clean off the grease even after 3 to 4 wash.

Thus, it’s not safe for you to take your grilling session inside.

Still, Want to Find an Alternative to Grill Inside the Pop Up Tent?

Well, there are always options available, all you need to do is to find them. That’s what we do. We find solutions for your problems.

Rain can make your BBQ plan go to waste. Let’s not let the rain ruin the BBQ day. Take the grill to a safer place. There are a few options available. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Tarp Tent

This is probably the cheapest yet most used option to grill inside and protect it from rain.

People have been using this since people started grilling in rain. It is a cheap alternative in which a tarp is hanged above at least 8 feet above the grill.

This makes it far from the heat and prevents any damage to the tent. Fireproof tarps are available in the market at very cheap price.

One piece of advice from us:
Never use the dead cheap tarp as it might be heat resistant and might burn or melt from the intense heat produced during the grilling session. And always hang the tarp at least 8 feet away from the surface of the grill.

2. Awning

An awning is probably the best option available if you were intended to have a good grilling experience away from rain, snow or sunlight.

It adds extra shade and space to the grilling spot and makes it more comfortable for you and your guest. It is suspended at a height of 8 to 10 feet and thus keep it away from any damage from the heat of grills.

Mostly preferred by people grilling in the backyard of their house. If you want to grill in the rain, this is the safest method as it provides an open space for the fumes to go out.

No congestion and fear of getting suffocated by the poisonous gases.

3. A Permanent Covered Grilling Station

If you are a fan of grilling and loves that every weekend or two then this is the best option for you.

This is an expensive option and needs to be installed by an expert.

This will be the safest option if you were intending to grill even if it is raining. This station protects the grill from the rain while keeping the rainwater away and the food inside safe from water.

It is safe as it does not require any more tents and all. It is installed in an open place and thus makes it the safest option.

If you regularly grill and wants to spend some extra dollars to get the safety then this is the right option for you. Go for it.

4. Patio Umbrella

This is an easy and pretty cheap option to adopt. But in spite of being cheap and easy, it gets the work done.

How to get a patio umbrella? The answer is simple. Look for the biggest umbrella in
the store and fix that to the ground using weights and knots. Easy and simple.

It protects your grill from rainwater. But there is a slight catch. If the rain is accompanied by a heavy gust of winds then it’s pretty useless.

And we have seen the umbrella losing the struggle with the wind. So, if you want to use this method then it’s better to tie the umbrella firmly to the ground using weight and ropes.

It should not be used if your area experiences rains with heavy winds.

5. BBQ Canopy

A different version of a retractable awning. This comes as a shelter that has a durable
material with is small enough to cover the grill and keep it safe from rainwater. It is small and does not gives extra space to the guest for dining or resting.

It’s a small metal structure with a canopy that covers the area of the grill. Less expensive and a good choice for people who like to do BBQ frequently.

Another factor to be considered is the intensity of rain. If the rain comes as drizzle then it’s a perfect option for you.

The wind can play a major role in your grilling session. The direction and the intensity of the wind are to be considered while grilling.

People have been using plywood to guard the grill from the ruthless gust of wind.

6. Using BBQ Windscreen

It is a common phenomenon for the grill to get knocked off from the heavy gust of wind.

To prevent this, angular wooden blocks are kept to keep the grill in one place.

Most of the grills have wheels so keeping them firm in one place can be a difficult task.

So, imagine a situation in which a grill is going here and there with the wind. Sounds funny but can be an invitation to disaster. So, make sure the grill is locked in one
place by tying it or using wooden or cinder blocks.

There are Windscreens available for BBQ to keep it safe from winds. Winds can make the flame go haywire and it can be a dangerous situation as you will be inside a canopy.

Get a windscreen if the winds are going wild in your area.

Points to be Considered While Grilling Inside a Pop Up Tent

We will still insist that grilling inside a pop up tent or a closed canopy might be harmful to your health. So, avoid it.

But if the pop-up tent is tied high enough and allows for a clear passage of the fumes to pass then it is advisable to use some of the safety measures.

Remember while grilling inside the pop up tent

  • Always keep a fire extinguisher near the grill.
  • If possible, half cook your food in the kitchen to get the food cooked in the grill real quick.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space between the grill and the canopy.
  • Always use a fire-resistant pop-up tent. Don’t go for the cheapest one.
  • If there is no wind around you, bring a portable fan to keep the heat evenly distributed.
  • Position the grill to the corner of the pop-up tent so that it is easy for the fumes to go out.
  • The pop-up tent should be tied firmly. It has to tackle the strong winds.

Wherever there is fire, there needs to be a precaution. Take the right precaution and your grilling and BBQ session will be a lovely experience. Be hasty and avoid the safety measures, you will be inviting trouble for yourself.


We would conclude by saying that it could be fatal for you and the one inside the tent with you if you use the grill or any cooking equipment powered by carbon-based fuel inside the tent.

The tent does not have enough ventilation to let the fumes go out and the fresh air come in.

So, if you wish to enjoy grilling and BBQ, it is recommended to use open space. Use all the precautions and safety measures.