About Me

Hi! I am Afnan Alam, a blogger by profession and a proud traveller. Yes, me and my family love to travel and spend quality time with the nature.

In my early days, I was passionate about outdoor camping. I even used to setup tents inside my room to give myself an outdoor experience. When I grew up, camping became a part of my life. I am spellbound by it.

Even now my son loves camping outside. He is carrying out my legacy of camping and connecting with nature.

Why I started this Blog?

When I was searching online for best pop up tents and its accessories for myself, I found out that there are not a lot of information available out there.

That’s why I started visiting various stores as well as ordered some of the tents myself to see what’s good and what can be recommended to people like myself.

My Mission

From my experience, I’ve found that people who are not into outdoor activities or trying anything for the first time or going to buy any camping equipment (especially tents and similar accessories) for their family or friends get confused by the variation even sometimes they get the wrong product.

So I’ve always tried to help my friends, family and neighbor with the necessary basic tips for buying any tent item and how can they start with that.

And they’ve always appreciated this.

Now I think there are a lot of people like me and them who get confused or wrong product which is a waste of money and time.

As I like to research before buying any sports, fitness equipment or even household appliances from the very beginning, I’ve decided to share with you my experiences through the internet.

In tentplaza.com, I will try to give you a proper review with the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget or gear I’ve researched and used. You can read my step by step guideline and take a decision about whether you need the accessories or not.

Connect With Me

If you like my blog and want to connect with me then you can follow me at:

Facebook: facebook.com/tentplaza

Email: admin@tentplaza.com

You can also share your experience with the products recommended here and I will try to add those so that you can help other people who are trying or buying the same things.


Afnan Alam